Premium Lubricants and Sealants

Chemical & Mining Industry

Our provider is an ISO 9001:l2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 Houston based manufacturer of premium lubricants, sealants, specialty industrial products, greases, degreasers, cleaners, pipe dopes, wireline sealants, wireline sprays, thread compounds, honey oils, valve lubricants and coatings for oil field use.

Product Categories

Industrial Products
  • Coating and Varnish
  • Solvent
  • Metal Protectors
  • Rust release
  • Forging Dye Lube
  • Pipe Dopes
  • Thread Compounds
    • Thread Sealant
    • Fiberglas sealant
    • “ONE-SHOT” Storage & Running Compound
    • Lead & Zinc Free Thread Compound
  • Wireline Products
  • Valve Lubricants And Sealants
  • Lubricating Sealants
  • Oils
  • Greases
  • Degreasers And Cleaners